“It’s Christmas, all over the world tonight. It’s Christmas, all over the world.” ~ Sheena Easton

Christmas Eve is a time for good cheer, family, friends and feast! It’s the most special occasion to celebrate the spirit of giving and love all over the world.

Last year, we spent Christmas back home in the Philippines. It felt great and wonderful to experience the Philippine style of Christmas celebrations once again, after a decade of not spending it there. This year, we once again spent Christmas here in Singapore, our home away-from-home. I invited my brother and his family to join us in our Christmas Eve dinner and planned a fuss-free menu because I didn’t want to enslave myself to all the complicated preparations and cleaning up after the feast.

Bulgur Salad with Cashew Nuts and Cranberries

Salmon in parchment paper
Aglio e Olio Pasta
Buttered beetroot (hyperlink to follow)

Christmas Fruitcake 

What I found great about this menu was the ease of putting it together. Once all the preparations were completed, I simply had to let the oven do most of the work and sautee the beetroot (that I boiled from the night before) with butter and tarragon. The salad could be tossed at the table.

To serve, I simply had to place the fruitcake, pasta and the baked salmon on the serving dishes. And of course, our feast wouldn’t be complete without beer and our favorite wine, Moscato.

Time to chow, be merry and most especially, be thankful for all the blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas Everyone!
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_DSC4273_027 copy