I think that the dishwasher is one of the most useful machines in our house, probably second only to the washing machine. It really helps me to effortlessly clean-up the kitchen utensils and cookwares. And it does that while consuming less water compared to manual washing.

Before we bought this wonderful machine, I compared prices at priceme.com.sg to find the store outlet with the best price. But I didn’t have to go down to the outlet which offered the best price. Thanks to Courts “price match”, I got it from the nearby Courts branch for the price shown in priceme.com.sg.

The model that we bought is Bosch Series 4 SKS62E22EU. It’s a compact dishwasher that can accommodate 12 plates, 6 saucers, 6 glasses and 3 mugs. For our usage, I only run the machine at night to wash all the dishes, utensils and cookwares used for the entire day. In a typical day, it cleans 2 pans, 6-9 plates, 3 saucers, 6 drinking glass and 3 mugs. You only need to scrape the leftover food from the dishes into the bin before putting them in. The machine is silent and does not vibrate while washing.  A typical wash cycle lasts for an hour and uses around 5-6 liters of water. Though it is more water-efficient than hand-washing, the dishwater uses tablet detergents which are much more expensive than the typical dishwashing detergents. A tablet for one load costs around 50 cents. Nevertheless, with this fantastic machine, I save a lot of time in the kitchen especially when I cook complicated recipes. It’s also easy to use!

After using the dishwasher for a month, I asked myself why I’ve not bought this machine long before. I can’t believe it can clean plates so well! It really does its job perfectly! I must say that every household should have this, just like a refrigerator, washing machine, oven and stove.

But the real value of this machine is not the convenience but the extra time that it “gives” me every day. Extra time that I can spend with my family. Now that’s priceless!