My family will be traveling to Vietnam this March I’m so excited because finally, I’ll be tasting authentic Vietnamese food. It’s my recent favorite Asian food! Some of the dishes that I like are Goi Cuon (spring rolls wrap in rice paper) and Beef Pho (noodle soup). They are not oily and I find them to be healthy and they taste “clean” and refreshing!

When travelling, hotel accommodation usually takes the largest portion of our travel expense. There are cheaper alternatives like shared rooms in hostels but unfortunately, we can’t stay there because we have a child with us. And even though we are not booking a five-star property, a few days of stay will still cost a big chunk of our budget. Whenever we travel, we have a fixed budget so I must really spend time to look for the best accommodation that our money can afford.

Before, I usually compare hotels from,,, and other booking websites and hotels’ websites. One important trick that I discovered is that you must clear cookies because website remember your searches through cookies. And if you don’t clear your browser cookies, you’ll get higher price quotes from the same hotels.

During our last travel in New Zealand, I discovered this metasearch engines for hotels. Using a metasearch is a big change in comparing hotels. I find it the most efficient way to find affordable accommodation. But I still delete cookies for every search. You can also use “incognito mode” if your browser has this feature.

If you’re still not familiar on how to use hotel metasearch engine, you don’t have to worry. They are just like normal websites. They work by searching in multiple hotel booking sites and listing all the results so you can see the best deal. It’s like going to,,, other booking websites and hotels’ websites, all at the same time and with a single click! I use and for hotels and and for airfare.

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And lastly I organize all my bookings for flights and accommodation in Tripit.