In 2010 or six years ago, I started a list of things that I wanted to do and achieve before reaching Forty! And this year when I’m about to turn forty, I thought of going thru that list to take stock of what I’ve done and achieved, and the goals that I missed and took for granted during the years past.

Many entries in my list are related to HEALTH. It was so because when I was preparing the list, health was a MAJOR aspect of my life that I’ve not paid enough attention. So I included many goals to improve my health, as I believed (and still do) that it was the best gift that I could give myself.

I’ve had 6 years to work on this daunting task. My immediate goal then was to lose weight, lots of it actually. Together with my husband, I tried different kinds of “diets” in tandem with “exercises” but I hardly shed any kilos. I lost weight in some occasions, only to regain it quickly. I felt I was like that mythical figure called Sisyphus, a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again.

In the Christmas of 2012, Alvin bought me a book about low-carb diet. I didn’t really believe it because I felt we’ve already tried almost all possible combinations of food. After reading the book, I felt that it might work because our previous diets didn’t control our carb intake. As a Filipino, our typical meal is loaded with lots of carbs. I always (as in almost always) have white rice in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The book basically identified excessive carb intake as the main culprit of my weight problem and no matter how difficult, I had to change my meals and eating habits! Getting myself used to low-carb diet involved tons of perseverance. And going through the tough journey together with my husband made it more bearable.

The diet worked and “miraculously”, we were losing kilos every week! As soon our body adjusted to our diet, we started exercise more regularly. This is important: diet and exercise must go hand in hand. Without exercise, the diet will cause you to lose both fats and muscles which will make you weak. With exercise, you’ll lose fats while keeping or increasing your muscle mass and this will make you stronger!

My “Bucket list”

Fitness and Fun

  • To maintain 65 kg weight (Achieved! I’m now 60 kg, now targeting 58 kg)
  • Climb to the peak of a mountain (Done! Now wanting to climb another one)
    20160606_061659 Bucket List
  • Run/Walk 250 km per year (Achieved! Now aiming for 1000 km)
  • Go Lap Swimming of 300 m for less than 25 minutes (Achieved!)
  • Complete a 10 km Walk (Achieved!)
  • Run 3km with no walking (Achieved!)
  • To have 8 hours sleep and be in bed before 10 pm. (Achieved!)
  • Do a 10 km marathon (If according to plan, will be in December.)
  • Do a Color Run with my soul sisters.  (?)
  • Practice yoga once a week. (Done! But no consistency)
  • To try something adventurous to get adrenaline rush. (Soon)
  • Bungee jump or skydive (I am not sure if this will happen anytime soon)
  • Ride a fast car. (Done!)
    _DSC2157 Fast
  • Ski (I am not sure if this will happen anytime soon)
  • Take the stairs to our floor level (11th) at least once a week rather than the elevator (Done! But no consistency)
  • To exercise every weekend mornings #familygoals
    20160521_104914 Outdoor
  • Learn scuba diving  (I am not sure if this will happen anytime soon)
  • Get a driving license (I am not sure if this will happen anytime soon)

For Me and My Family

  • To be a stay-at-home-mom (Achieved! But only for 2 years)
  • To have a part-time job (Achieved!)
  • To cook > 4 new dishes monthly (Achieved!)
  • To eat 1000 grams of vegetable a week (Achieved!)
  • Start my blog (Achieved!)
  • Travel with my parents and siblings (If according to plan, will be next year)
  • Renew of our wedding vows (Done!)
    DSC_0345a Wedding Vows
  • To have my own version of ‘Eat Love Pray’ (Done!)
    Revisiting Bali 2016_DSC9551_01 copy
  • Splurge on a meal at a Michelin restaurant. (Done!)
  • To travel, just Alvin and I.  (Done!)
    DSC_0057 Turkey
  • Prepare food at a soup kitchen or orphanage. (If according to plan, will be in December…)
  • Do something good for someone who doesn’t know who you are. (Done!)
  • Read books > 1 every 2 months (Achieved!)
  • Travel in a slow-pace journey (Done!)
    _DSC2107 FAMILY copy
  • Drastically reinvent my look at least once. (Maybe on my Birthday itself)
  • Get in the best shape of my life. (Achieved!)
    20160709_215457 Best
  • Go on a solo trip. (I am not sure if this will ever happen)
  • To travel, with my soul sisters.  (?)
  • To camp overnight with my family.  (Hopefully soon)
  • To see the Milky way. (Done!)
  • Go sugar free for one month. (Achieved! Now wanting for another one)
  • Detox for 3 days. (Hopefully soon)
  • Clean my personal email inbox with more than 2000 unread emails. (Hopefully soon)
  • Compile our family album from 2009 (Hopefully soon)
  • Organize my pictures and videos  (Hopefully soon)
  • Create a 10th birthday video of Albert (Done!)
  • To have a intimate date with Alvin (Done!)
    20160709_201111 Date
  • Have at least one more baby  (?)
  • Send Christmas cards (Done!)
  • Grow my own vegetables (tried but not I don’t have a green thumb)
  • To have a No-TV day for at least once a month (Achieved!)

To remain at a healthy weight, you shouldn’t starve yourself. It’s about eating the right food, the right amount, at the right time because our body needs to be fed. The main goal of the lifestyle change is to be fit and I’m quite surprised by the reward: having toned body and looking younger.

I AM fit and this is the best gift that I’ve given myself for my 40th birthday!

20160521_105914 Healthy me