The main reason we had to stop at Cebu before heading to Bohol is to try their Lechon. Cebu is known for being the lechon capital of the world. Lechon is a whole pig that is roasted slowly in charcoal. As a Filipino, this is one of my favorite dishes so I don’t care that much if it is not healthy. With the crunchy crispy skin and fat-laden savory meat, it’s something worth dying for. LOL!

_DSC0081 Visiting Cebu

Kaking Building, Osmena Boulevard St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Chowking is a fast food chain in the Philippines that serves Chinese food. It was a hot day after walking around.  We decided to eat Halo-halo, while waiting for the next mass for us to attend. Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk and various ingredients mostly cooked fruits, beans and sago. This is the first time for Albert to try Halo-halo. He doesn’t have a sweet tooth so he could barely finish it. For Alvin and myself, we finished it and we enjoyed the moment ‘til the last scoop.

_DSC9971 Visiting Cebu

CnT Lechon
Jose L. Briones St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

This is our first try in our lechon journey in Cebu. I chose this branch as it was walking distance from our hotel, BayFront Hotel. Looking for this place at night could be confusing. The CnT’s name in the building is not lit and the building was old, dark and dingy. The restaurant was at the second floor. Inside is also old, dark and dingy. I think the management should consider a total renovation of the place.  We arrived at the restaurant around 7pm. There are few diners at the restaurant. We ordered our lechon however the shop ran out of other dishes like veggies (to have a balance diet, at least). Alvin, my husband, ordered 500g of lechon and 3 cups of rice. The skin wasn’t crispy as I expected, it was too soft. The price of their lechon is not that cheap. I think it’s not worth it.

The Original AA BBQ
MJ Cuenco, Legaspi Ext., Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

The restaurant is just next to San Pedro Fort.

It was considered as Cebu City’s original grill house for pork bbq, grilled seafood and chicken dishes based on some website. So of course, we tried it.

They have a fridge to showcase the variety that you have to select for grilling from raw seafood, chicken and pork. During our visit, the fridge seemed not working well as it was supposed to… to let the meat stay fresh.  But of course for the price of their meals, don’t expect too much. The price is reasonable for travelers like us.

House of Lechon
Acacia St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Formerly Rico’s Lechon. The partnership of Rico’s lechon and the company has ended. The owners renamed the restaurant “House of Lechon” according to our taxi driver. They now serve lechon from Carcar, a city near Cebu City.

We ordered Lechon (of course), Pinakbet, Dinuguan and rice. The rice is served in a small caldera. Caldera is a cooking dish to cook a rice by Filipinos during the old times.

_DSC0080 Visiting Cebu

Pinakbet is sautéed bagoong (Shirmp paste) with local vegetables like ampalaya (bitter gourd), sitaw (long bean), okra (lady finger) and kalabasa (squash).

_DSC0073 Visiting Cebu

Dinuguan is stewed pork offal (typically intestines, kidney, liver and lungs), vinegar and simmered with pig’s blood. I know, this must seem to the uninitiated like “fear factor” food or one of those in Andrew Zimmer’s adventures. It is savory and tangy in taste. Aside from lechon, Alvin and I we’re longing for this dish too. For the lechon, we were extremely satisfied with the crispiness of the skin. Finally!

_DSC0074 Visiting Cebu

For my drink, I ordered halo-halo shake. And it worked and I loved it.

20161212_114313 Visiting Cebu

Calamansi Juice, Halo-halo shake & Buko-Pandan Shake

This restaurant is more upscale from what we visited day. Nice atmosphere and brightly lit.  Enough staff to assist the customer. The price of lechon is almost relatively similar with CnT.

_DSC0078 Visiting Cebu

Lantaw @ Cebu Tops
Sitio Garahe Busay, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

The restaurant is located on the top of a hill/mountain and overlooking Cebu City. We dined for and the view was amazing.

To reach the restaurant, you need to climb stairs from the carpark. Elderly may have difficulty.

During our visit, there were a lot of tourists from Korea, Japan and the United States. Fortunately, there was available table for walk-ins. We ordered Grilled Tanigue served with Atchara, Pansit Canton, Fried Lumpia  and Grilled Chicken for Albert.

Grilled Tanigue served with Atchara. Tanigue is Spanish Mackerel Steak, marinated with soy sauce and calamansi then grilled. The fish was cooked perfectly however the size was small for the price.

_DSC0150 Visiting Cebu

Pancit Canton is a Filipino Noodle dish. Similar to Chow Mein. It is usually cooked with Pork, pork liver, shrimp, chicken, fish balls, carrots, cabbage, celery & snow peas.

_DSC0151 Visiting Cebu

Fried Lumpia is fried spring roll. A mixture of ground pork and carrot wrapped in a spring roll wrapper then fried. It is served with sweet and sour sauce.

_DSC0152 Visiting Cebu

Grilled Chicken served with Java rice.  A typical style of grilled chicken Filipino style. The chicken is marinated in soy sauce, calamansi and brown sugar then grilled.

_DSC0153 Visiting Cebu

Expect the price to be higher than other restaurants in the Philippines as the location is also a  factor in the cost of what you are paying for.

_DSC0149 The second day in Cebu