27 Dec 2017

Our first planned road trip after moving to Wellington. It’s our Church Wedding Anniversary, so I planned for us to have lunch at Poppies in Martinborough. Unfortunately, they we closed that day 🙁 Fortunately for us (and for anyone in that matter), finding a good restaurant based on your taste, budget and location is now easy because of the Internet! I use Tripadvisor which in addition to restaurants, you can also use to look for popular attractions and hotels. Since we moved here in New Zealand, I also use Zomato for restaurant ratings and reviews.

Lunch: The Village Cafe

6 Kitchener Street, Martinborough 5711, New Zealand

Most of the tables were taken when we arrived. We waited for few minutes before getting our table. The restaurant offers a good cabin ambiance. I ordered over the counter. While I was looking for wines at their wine store, a restaurant staff approached and informed me that one of my orders was already “closed for order” so I had to change my order.  I think this could have been easily avoided with a good communication between the kitchen and cashier or point of order. 

The serving time was a little bit slow during our visit, perhaps because the kitchen was really busy since the all the tables were occupied. Having said that, I must say that I enjoyed my Lamb Fry and Black Pudding. As for the pizza, I think the pizza dough is in between fresh and frozen. I’m not really sure but it would be better if they used fresh dough.

Rating: Maybe we will visit them again.

Dinner: Lone Star

49 Dixon Street, Masterton, Wairarapa, Wellington

On our way home from Castlepoint, we stopped at Masterton for our Dinner. Lone Star is inside one of the most iconic buildings in Masterton that was built in the early 1900s. The restaurant ambiance is elegant countryside decor: wooden floor, bricks walls, leather side seats, wooden tables and chairs. The service was fast and the staff are really service oriented! Our server visited our table to check on us even after our food  was already served. We ordered Quesadilla and Ribs (12) and additional side dish. The Ribs and the side dish were more than enough for us. We ended not having space to taste the Quesadilla which we decided to bring home for supper.

Rating: Maybe we will visit them again.