Welcome to my blog! I’m so thankful for your visit! I’m Karen, a 38-year old aspiring writer, cook and recipe developer of this weblog ahappycook.com. I am a self-taught cook, learning the intricacies of cooking through my daily cooking experiences. 

I’m a wife to Alvin, a wonderful and supportive husband who gets credit as occasional photographer, proof reader, food critic and dishwasher. He says he is a research engineer. He loves reading books, arts and calligraphy.  After our most recent trip, he started to like wines.  I’m a mother to a good and witty son, Albert. He loves music, history, reading, writing and sports.  He’s my helper sometimes, doing quick errands, and my cheerer. They are my biggest supporters, always excited to taste my latest recipes and most of all, always there to compliment and critique my new dishes.    

I grew up in Pampanga, Philippines. Since my late teens, I have always watched and helped my mother and aunties in their kitchens. They loved (and still do) to cook Filipino food and Spanish-inspired dishes. That was the beginning of my passion for food.  On 24th February 2001, my husband and I moved to Singapore for better opportunities. It was then that really began cooking on my own and applying what I’ve learned from my mom and aunts. It was difficult at first. The food didn’t taste good and wasn’t according to our expectations, to put it mildly. After several weeks of crappy food, I decided to get serious. I started reading cookbooks. Much later, I subscribed to TV channels like TLC, Food Network and Asian Food Channel.

I like to experiment with the recipes that my family loves.  I value life and understand that to have a good one, you must also value money.  I’m frugal and always have a monthly budget (and stick to it). I hate wasting food. I only buy and cook what my family can consume. I plan my shopping list before I shop to avoid buying ingredients that I don’t really need.  

I love to travel. When I have free time, I do travel planning. I love looking for travel destinations and adding them to my family’s bucket list and future itineraries.  We have travelled to some parts of Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. When we travel, we always savor the local food. Traveling opened my eyes to different cultures and cuisines. After each trip, I always try to “replicate” the food that we liked during the trip.


About this food blog…

I started food blogging in 2003 but didn’t take it seriously. I was just lazy to post my recipes. In 2013, I became serious and began to write down all the recipes that I know of.  Most of the pictures in this blog were taken indoors and shot right after the dishes were cooked. All recipes were tested a few times; I post them the moment I got the right taste.  

Diane Kress’s “The Metabolism Miracle” changed our perspective on food and eating. The book  changed the way I cook and the way we eat. Before, I cooked meals with lots of meat, fats and tons of carbs! After reading the book, I realized that each and every one has her own unique metabolism. Which means that to perfectly match your “biology” and lifestyle, “customizing” your own recipes and cooking your own food is definitely better than eating something from your favorite hawker or fastfood outlet!

Through this blog, I wish to share how my family chooses to eat right. You know it’s right because you don’t have that guilty conscience after eating.

I want to show you that cooking is not hard. You don’t have to be an expert to cook good quality and healthy food. What I can do, I’m sure you can do as well.

If you’re budget-conscious, you’ll be happy to know that cooking can help you to save money. When you cook at home, not only will you be able to control the ingredients, you’ll also spend less on dining out.

But of course, cooking right and eating right is just one part of the equation. To be really healthy, you need to sweat it out. But that’s for another blog. My wish is for anyone reading this blog to be a master chef in her kitchen and to know that the key to eating right is to cook the right kind of food.  So please join me on this journey towards a better health through cooking and eating right!

My Family

My Family


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