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2017-03-05 Spiced Chicken Lentils Blackbeans copy 2
There is nothing like a bowl of hearty soup on a cool night weather in Singapore. This Spiced Chicken with Lentils,  Black Beans, Leeks, Carrots, Celery and Kale Soup feels like comfort in a bowl.  
20170127_064632 Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Bagels
Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Bagels Ingredients:  Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese Spread, as needed 1 Japanese cucumber, thinly sliced Fresh dill, minced Pinch of kosher salt and pepper 2 bagels 150g smoked salmon, sliced into smaller size Instructions:  Slice each bagel into rounds lengthwise to make 4 pieces. Spread bagel with cream cheese. Top with cucumber …
_DSC9469 Cheesy Creamy Chilli Chicken and Bacon with Spinach Pasta
I catch a very bad flu  last weekend on my first two days like someone beaten up me! During these 4 days we didn’t had home cooked food except breakfast which I can manage. Alvin was in charge with our meals and everyday he bought! We’re not so used of buying cooked food.  It’s really …
_DSC9459 Pulled Lamb Leg Pasta
I’m over the moon because it’s almost weekend! I always look forward to bonding weekends with my family. This weekend is a special one as we have close friends from the Philippines visiting us here in Singapore. They are Albert’s Ninong Jun and Ninang Jolly, together with their three lovely kids and Jolly’s sister Joy. …