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2017-03-05 Spiced Chicken Lentils Blackbeans copy 2
There is nothing like a bowl of hearty soup on a cool night weather in Singapore. This Spiced Chicken with Lentils,  Black Beans, Leeks, Carrots, Celery and Kale Soup feels like comfort in a bowl.  
_DSC9469 Cheesy Creamy Chilli Chicken and Bacon with Spinach Pasta
I catch a very bad flu  last weekend on my first two days like someone beaten up me! During these 4 days we didn’t had home cooked food except breakfast which I can manage. Alvin was in charge with our meals and everyday he bought! We’re not so used of buying cooked food.  It’s really …
_DSC8532 Chicken Piccata
Three weeks ago, I saw a Chicken Piccata recipe featured by Tasty in my Facebook newsfeed. As you know, Tasty uses fast video playback to present their recipes and this is really great for people who are busy or those with short attention span (most of us fall under this second category). I was engrossed …