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20170302_181955 Tabbouleh
Tabbouleh Tabbouleh is a traditional Middle Eastern dish. It’s a combination of fresh herbs, vegetables and bulgur. The main ingredient of this dish is parsley, lots of it actually. The first time I tasted this dish was when we were in Istanbul though that version had pomegranate. I love the freshness from the herbs and …
20170127_064632 Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Bagels
Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Bagels Ingredients:  Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese Spread, as needed 1 Japanese cucumber, thinly sliced Fresh dill, minced Pinch of kosher salt and pepper 2 bagels 150g smoked salmon, sliced into smaller size Instructions:  Slice each bagel into rounds lengthwise to make 4 pieces. Spread bagel with cream cheese. Top with cucumber …