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_DSC3513 Mediterranean inspired Roast Chicken, tomatoes and tarragon
Watching “Chopped” in the Food Channel widens my knowledge about the possibilities of creating a winning dish from a given array of seemingly incoherent ingredients. Today, I was in the mood for a “challenge” so I checked out what I’ve got in my fridge and pantry, and try to create a satisfying meal. I had …
_DSC3257 Spinach Fettuccine with roasted cherry tomatoes and fennel 700X350
Hills draped with green vineyards and olive plantations, roads lined with tall green cypress, open fields with striking yellow blooms, vast beautiful rolling fields of green and surrounded with hills and valleys,… no, I am not describing a landscape painting. I am recounting what I saw in the breathtaking Tuscany region of Italy. You could …